From the beginning


Born in Canada in 1961, raised in Michigan, then out and about for many years with the Army.   I returned to Michigan State University for a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a really nice husband. Married in 1988, Jerry and I and moved to Germany first but then settled in Portland, Oregon in 1991. A fine blessing, truly.  We lived there for 22 years.

But we did not settle down while there, we lived in five different houses and bought and sold seven more.   Some call that flipping but flipping has a negative connotation so I prefer to say I am an experienced house cleaner.  People may look at me funny but they don’t seem to hate me for that.  I really like dirty houses. Luckily while I am cleaning one up another is being dirtied and so I have a good supply of future projects.  What a relief.

IMG_1872      DSC_0004      DSC_0003-001

We also had two sons in Portland who have grown into being teenagers and that is another thing entirely.  I am filled with love and rue in equal measure for them.  They are my most important teachers and for that I can only say, “thanks, but let up already.”


We’ve been in California for the past three years quite happily but with plans to return to Michigan in the summer of 2016.  When I am being thoughtful I try to convey the message to myself and the kids that life is good (and occasionally bad) everywhere, anywhere.  It will be interesting to return to the Midwest and I want to hang on to that interest for as long as possible so here’s to  hoping this blog will help me with that.





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