East Bay day


East Bay Day

Before we leave the Bay Area and our lovely little town of Benicia we are trying to “Get Stuff Done!”  Last weekend Jerry organized an East Bay day that started with a short hike on Mt. Diablo, included a fantastic barbecue lunch in Oakland and then took us to all the pinball we could ever want to play at Playland at the Beach.

California Poppies and blues skies for miles
















Turkey Vulture, Cathartes Aura


Doesn’t it look soft?  Well watch out because California grasses can be deadly!  Sally and I learned that the hard way when she swallowed grass seed a few years ago and they had to be surgically removed.  Ouch to her throat and ouch to the old checkbook.


Mt. Diablo isn’t quite 4,ooo feet high but it has gorgeous views in all directions, famous bridges to the West and Yosemite to the East.  It’s a State Park so there was a $10 fee per car but it was well worth it even for the short hike we took.

Quericus Agrifolia



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