Playland at the Beach

As part of our East Bay day, we also went to Playland at the Beach in Oakland.  It’s kind of a hole in the wall spot with remnants of the actual Playland at the Beach from San Fransisco that existed from 1913 to 1972 in various forms.


Of course I am not a gamer of any sort but the pinball machines are all dated by year and it is pretty cool to see the evolution of styles and how the machines handed out the points. My cousin Martin had one of these in his basement, probably circa 1972.  Whenever the Baileys showed up in Ohio we could play pinball for hours, no charge. It was mechanical mixed with electronic (the lights! the sounds!) but long before Pac-Man arrived on the scene.



Hi-Lo is an interesting game that seems to help the player along by deciding which is the best path to choose, going for high or low points, in order to win.  It requires no skills and it’s pleasantly helpful.  Nice!

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