Present company excepted


I have strong opinions about so much and I have my life experiences to back me up, my truths, my taste, my favorite things.  If I were the King (and thank God I am not . . .)

There would be no harsh yellow flowers in the garden, dandelions, daffodils, Stella d’Oro daylilies or ugly marigolds.  Gone they would be, banished from the kingdom.

I tried to get rid of those last year!

People would not put anything political on my face book feed.  It takes me a while to delete those posts and I start to question your intelligence if you are showing me someone I don’t like over and over.  In the past year I figured out that it is most stridently liberal friends who are always making me look at D. Trump.  I have had to turn off a couple of them (but don’t worry you’ll be back on after November).

Everyone would realize that words on clothes are typically unsightly and don’t add much to the view.  Think about it people.   DSC_0198







Interior designers would not use old law books to decorate shelves.  C’mon, nobody reads those things unless they are getting paid to read them.  I always think that when designers have to go out to get props to fill up bookshelves they are wasting money and the earth’s valuable resources.  Style shelves as needed but make it useful.

No one would print, publish or otherwise post pictures that are out of focus.  That includes me.  There is just no excuse for it.

Yes, well it is out of focus BUT we are almost all smiling!

Ear gages, well, they just wouldn’t be.

However, present company is always excepted.  If you love yellow daffodils, D. Trump, “I’m with stupid t-shirts,” law books from the 1960’s and really want to stretch the lobes a little more every day, then you get to because I am just not the King.



  1. You’d be an okay King probably. Maybe not a good Sacramento King.

    I hear you on the bright yellow flower aversion. My house came with an African daisy bush, covered in yellow daisy flowers for most of the year, and I was relieved when I discovered it had a bad scale infestation. Oh no, I have to pull it out 🙂

    And yeah…. my partner (who isn’t even American!) likes to discuss the news as he’s reading it, so I always end up hearing the daily Trump digest. I hate hearing about that loud rancid Cheeto so much.


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