I write a bit, just for my own amusement.  I take a lot of pictures and some of them are good.  I actually think it’s more fun to edit them than to take them.  I find that my camera, a basic model Nikon D40, is comforting to lug around and it’s my default when we are going places, but sometimes I decide to leave it home, just for a different experience.  I garden whenever I can.   My mom said once that it was good luck to weed another person’s garden so I occasionally reach down and pull a weed from a stranger’s yard.  I love trees, but that is very reciprocal as they love us all back.

As a family of four, mom (me), dad (JD) and two teenage boys, we have different interests but we all love to eat out.  When the boys were younger we tried to take turns choosing a restaurant but that caused way too many trips to Burger King (really for the toys only) and so that idea was reworked so that parents chose and kids were allowed to complain.  I like to travel but I love to travel only when it is comfortable.  These are the things I will be writing about.

We are moving back to Michigan after 24 years away and I have named this blog Easy Michigan because a foolish part of me sure hopes it will be easy.  I am not completely nuts, though, I only hope it will be relatively easy.

Vanessa 4/21/16