Why do I garden?

Color, color, color.

I read the SouleMama blog and she is a prolific writer who I admire, she blogs a lot.   Right now she is doing a series on other people’s gardens called A Garden Tour.  I have listed her basic questions to each of her guest gardeners below and am going to pretend she has chosen me to profile.


  1. Why do you garden?


For color, for the waxing blooms, for crispness and neat lines.  It is more art than food for me although with a permanent sweet tooth and a tiny streak of survivalist in me I occasionally grow fruit and other things to eat.  I feel accomplished when I can serve something I grew for dinner.   Potato plants have purple or white flowers to enjoy during the summer so they meet both of my objectives when I can also harvest the crop.

Short and Sweet carrots. I have been trying to grow these delicious carrots again ever since this first crop in Portland. The “soil” in California had me stymied though.


  1. How would you describe your garden?


Truly makeshift, as I garden where I am and I am happy to work on someone else’s garden if that is the only thing around for me to weed.  I am taking over a new yard late this summer and the current owner is clearly a nursery goer, a shopper. The only real problem that I can see is that there is a bit too much, it’s too haphazard, and there are three big trees that most likely need to come out.  Yikes, big tree removal = big money expenditure.

On the other hand, the prior owner is really leaving behind a lot of very nice foundation plants and I am looking forward to their big size and the fact that I won’t be starting from scratch.  So I will be clarifying what she has, adding some of my favorite colors (pink, peach, purple and red) and putting a few food plants in.


The garden yet to come. We haven’t closed on the house yet, but the departing gardener has a great eye and I know that I am lucky to get her mature plants.


  1. What’s your biggest gardening accomplishment?
This may be my prettiest garden ever. The woman I followed left me all kinds of great plants, those clematis were wonderful and I just inherited them. After three Springs, a lot of this was mine though, some from seed too.


I usually have the most weed free garden around, I keep deadheads to a minimum, all stray and browning leaves are plucked and trimmed.  It’s neat and tidy all the way.

I didn’t plant this but I sure took care of it.
  1. Can you share one of your favorite gardening tips?


One tip?  No, I have three tips.  I use an old kitchen knife to get at weeds from underneath, just pulling the tops off doesn’t do much and I see people do that all the time.  Also, I mulch with steer manure as bark chip are never going to break down into nice soft soil in my lifetime.  Finally, weed barrier?  Just say no – it always ends up showing and it’s ugly.



I also keep in mind the proverb “the best fertilizer is a gardener’s shadow.”  Which means to me, it the hands-on time, not the stuff that comes in plastic bottles.


  1. Can you tell us about yourself?


Thanks for asking Amanda!  I am slightly past middle age, pretty darn short and very goal oriented.  I suppose there are other ways to describe myself but that sums up a lot of it.


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